As a full scale systems integration company, Synergy Systems Integration LLC is well suited for projects of any size. Our managers and designers approach every job differently, creating strategies that are flexible yet inclusive. We map out each phase, checking everything prior to moving onto the next. In this field, details make all the difference.


Synergy Systems Integration LLC can provide feasibility studies well before any major dollars are committed to the project to see if what is desired, can actually occur within that budget. We can then provide a road map of sorts to plan out each phase, setting up fund raising milestones.


One Point of Accountability

It's a motto we've lived by for almost 40 years. It works, as there is no finger-pointing when we are responsible from Concept to Completion. It cuts down on time, errors, and expense. At Synergy Systems Integration LLC, we handle everything with our specialists: Riggers, AV Techs, Lighting Techs and seasoned Electricians.


Keeping a construction project on task is a matter of logistics. We do an exceptional job at managing projects, by ensuring people are doing their jobs and information is communicated. From oversight issues and labor relations to cost management, we’re here to ensure your project is completed on schedule.